Non NHS Services

Private Work Fees

The vast majority of work in this surgery is provided for the NHS.  However, we do also provide some services which are not available on the NHS and which therefore incur a cost to the patient.  For example HGV medicals, insurance medicals and administrative matters such as miscellaneous correspondence requested by patients but which is not needed as part of their NHS care  

The doctors charge a fee (in line with the recommendations of the British Medical Association) for these services. You will be advised in advance if you request a service for which there is a fee.   Our current fees are displayed in reception. 

To avoid us doing nugatory which is then cancelled by patients, non-NHS services must be paid for in advance; there is no refund once the work has been carried out.

Listed below are examples of services for which fees are payable: 

  • Private Medicals 
  • Pre-employment medicals 
  • Insurance reports
  • Fitness for sporting activities medicals and certificates 
  • Private medical care forms 
  • Some vaccinations 
  • Various other documentation 
  • Private certificates such as HGV Medicals 

This list is not exhaustive.

NOTE:  Non-NHS work will not be prioritised ahead of NHS work and hence there may be delays in processing requests / correspondence.