Optimus Health Lincoln Limited

The Practices Involved

  • Boultham Park Medical Centre
  • Birchwood Medical Centre City Medical practice
  • Newark Road Surgery
  • Richmond Medical Centre
  • City Medical Practice
  • Woodlands Medical practice

The Aims and Objectives of Optimus

To develop a clinical education programme to deliver better clinical involvement and co-operation between General Practitioners and hospital Consultants.

For practices to work collaboratively with each other and to benchmark clinical standards and share management good practice – for example achieving and evidencing Healthcare Commission Standards

To develop a consortium based Patient Liaison Group in order to engage with our patients to work together on shaping future services in general practice.  To develop communication links with patients about the services being delivered and issues relating to the delivery and use of them; this may or may not be directed by local and national policies.

Why Have the Practices Formed Optimus

There is a need to look at what practices do and how it is delivered.  practices are in a changing environment and patients also have to adapt to different was of working; such as the changes with:

  • NHS Direct
  • Choose and Book
  • Independent Sector Treatment Centres
  • Out of Hours

Optimus intends to develop the new services in line with the new NHS environment and ensure that the patients of its practices receive the best care in a quality assured environment.  Ensuring evidenced based best practice and accredited quality standards.

The practices want to ensure that they maintain and build on the high quality core values of traditional general practice; such as continuity of care, family based medicines and the familiarity that patients have with their own known GP practice.  This does not mean old fashioned services, it means modern and evidence based services provided with traditional patient focussed values.

Optimus, as they develop, will provide their patients with a ‘Kite Mark’  that reassures them of the quality of standard of care they can expect from their practice.