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Farewell and Thank you.

Dr Whitlow set to retire.

All the Partners and staff, past and present, wish Dr Whitlow well in his forthcoming retirement . He leaves us at the end of June 2020 after 33 years as a GP at the practice following his decision to retire which he made a year ago, well before current Coronavirus problems. He has been our senior partner for many years as well as being involved in running the former Linmeds Out of Hours service, serving on the Lincolnshire Local Medical Committee for 25 years and serving on many health committees over the years.

In addition to his considerable work here over the last 33 years looking after and caring for his many patients, whom we know he will miss, Dr Whitlow has also provided valuable and very much appreciated leadership, guidance and support to many colleagues and staff not just within Boultham Park Medical Practice but also more widely across many areas and aspects of the wider Lincolnshire  health community.  While he may be retiring from day to day life as a GP we are pleased that he will not be disappearing completely and that he intends to continue to support the local health community in other ways.  We are also fortunate to have managed to recruit Dr Leo Ogba as a salaried doctor to replace Dr Whitlow's sessions here in the surgery.

One of Dr Whitlow's passions is cycling which he now plans to enjoy doing even more of and so, in addition to saying a big thank you for everything he has done over the years and wishing him a happy and healthy retirement to enjoy with his family and friends, we also wish him many more safe and happy miles of pedalling!


Food through adversity

Aged over 65, are you in a high risk group and self isolating. If so please see the documents below.  If you wish to make use of these services please contact Age UK Lincoln on 03455 564144 or visit  

Food through diversity

Food through diversity menu


IMPORTANT - if you think you have symptoms of the Coronavirus and have either recently travelled from an affected areas or have been in close contact within someone who has, please SELF ISOLATE yourself as soon as possible and contact the NHS 111 Service.  Please do NOT come to the GP Surgery and do NOT go to the hospital until you have spoken with the NHS 111 Service  whose advice you should listen to and follow carefully.

Advice about Coronavirus is being regularly updated.  Click here and here for the most latest updates.

Information about Coronavirus

A coronavirus is a type of virus. As a group, coronaviruses are common across the world. Typical symptoms of coronavirus include fever and a cough that may progress to a severe pneumonia causing shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

Generally, coronavirus can cause more severe symptoms in people with weakened immune systems, older people, and those with long-term conditions like diabetes, cancer and chronic lung disease.

If you develop symptoms please do NOT come to the surgery and do NOT go the the hospital (unles you are serioulsy ill).   Please self isolate yourself and do not leave your home until you been given advice by a clinician. Telephone 111 for NHS advice

Updating use of Electronic Prescription

We are upgrading to the next phase of the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) which will mean that almost all our prescriptions will be processed electronically from March 2020.   Electronic prescriptions help save the NHS money.     You will receive your prescriptions in the same way as you do now.

Read more about EPS on the NHS website

Measles MUMPs and Rubella

There has been a rise in the number of cases of Mumps over recent months.  More information can be found here.  If you have not had all you MMR vaccinations and would like to complete you vaccination schedule please contact the surgery and ask to speak to one of the nurses.


Primary Care Networks & Extended Hours

As part of the ongoing changes to primary care within the NHS, new organisations called Primary Care Networks (PCN) have been established.  Boultham Park Medical Practice is part of a new PCN called Apex.  The first additional service being commissioned by NHS England through the PCNs is the extended hours service.  This is additional to the improved access clinics we already provide, but will see further clinics being run in the surgery. Initially these will also run on a Tuesday evening alongside our Improved Access clinics.  The difference between the two services is that the improved access clinics are available to patients registered at any of the Optimus group of practices where as the extended hours clinics will solely be for patients registered at their own practice

In addition to the GP and Healthcare Assistant clinics that we already run on a Tuesday evening, we will now be adding nurse practitioner, chronic disease and routine treatment room nurse clinics as well.    These clinics do put an additional strain on manpower and we ask that patients  use these clinics diligently, in particular making sure that they really can attend prior to booking these appointments and don't then fail to turn up.  We hope patients will find these extended hours of service useful and thank you for your help in making them run efficiently.   

Patient Care Advisors

Our reception team have all recently been participating in 'signposting' training as a move towards becoming Patient Care Advisors.  The purpose of this is to be able to help better direct patients to the most appropriate service or clinician. 

We misuse an awful lot of appointments when patients are not booked in with the most appropriate person.  Eg ordinarily a patient with a new cough or a cold doesn't need to see a GP but would be better served by going to the local pharmacist; a blood pressure check is better performed by a healthcare assistant, and a cytology screening test is better done by a  nurse rather than a GP, continuation sick notes and prescription requests do not always need a GP appointment and medication reviews can very often be carried out by our own clinical pharmacists.. 

We need to try and use the highly qualified and experienced GPs for more complex health needs rather than minor self limiting conditions.

When you book an appointment the reception team may now, under the instructions of the GP, ask you for some basic information so that they may direct you to the most appropriate service/clinician.  The reception team, in doing this are not prying and are bounds by exactly the same rules and regulations regarding your confidentiality as the doctors and nurses.  We appreciate this might be a change that some patients are not wholly comfortable with but we ask that you cooperate so that we can make the best use of the resources and appointments we have.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Your Patient Participation Group Needs you

 Boultham Park Medical Practice Patients Participation Group needs you!


The Patient Participation Group (PPG) at Boultham Park Medical Practice is a forum for the views of patients registered at the Practice to be presented to the management team and also acts as a critical friend of the surgery.  The group provides patients' ideas for improvement to the practice and supports the Practice in its aims to achieve a high level of patient care.  It does so by providing a sounding board for the Practice to get the views of patients while similarly enabling the group to ask questions about policies & procedures that affect service delivery thereby ensuring that there is a patient voice in these matters. 


The PPG is run by our patients for our patients.  The group aims to be as diverse and inclusive as possible in all aspects eg age, sex, gender, religion, ethnicity, disability, workers/non workers, homeless etc etc in order to try and ensure the group is truly representative of all registered patients.  However we do sometimes struggle to get volunteers with such  diversity.  Can you help?


The group is now seeking a few more members and hope that you will consider joining our current small group of dedicated volunteers.  The group meets 4 times per year with the Practice Manager and one of the GP Partners.  Everyone has their own experiences to draw on and you do not need any specific skills or qualifications to join us apart from an enthusiasm to contribute. 


If you would like to consider joining the group, please either leave a message at reception or email the practice at and provide a name and telephone number and quote the reference 'PPG'. Your details will then be passed to the PPG Chair or Secretary who will then make contact with you ( both are registered patients at this practice but are NOT members of the Practice staff) .  In providing contact details you are consenting for your details to be passed to the PPG Chair / Sec and to be contacted by them solely in regards to the Patient Participation Group.


If you are a patient registered at Boultham Park Medical Practice and feel that you can help as a patient representative then we would very much like to hear from you.

 New Telephone System

Following much representation by the Patient Participation Group, and in recognition that telephone access isn't always easy, the Practice is purchasing a new telephone system.  Among other features, the new system will include call queuing and call recording.  The new telephone system will be installed in Mid-May and will inevitably cause some disruption during its installation.  We hope to keep this disruption to a minimum and will provide more information nearer the time

Extended Access

In place of our extended hours service on Saturday mornings, Boultham Park Medical Practice is now instead, in conjunction with our colleagues in our local federation of GP practices (Optimus Health Care Lincoln Ltd), offering an extended access service to patients. The revised service is part of an extended access service which has been commissioned by NHS Lincolnshire West Clinical Commissioning Group.  

Extended Access

Data Protection & Privacy

As many of you will know the new laws on data protection came into force, today 25 May 2018.  These new laws govern the use of personal data.  As you would expect, medical records have always been classed as sensitive personal data and in that that respect nothing changes and we take our responsibilities for the maintenance of the protection and confidentiality of your records and data very seriously. 

In accordance with the new regulations we now have a new data privacy statement and a easy guide to how we use your data.  These are displayed in the main waiting areas area and also here on this website. 

 Boultham Park Medical Practice - Data Privacy Notice

How we use your data - easy guide

 National Data Opt out

The National Data Opt-out was introduced on 25 May 2018, enabling patients to opt out from the use of their data for research or planning purposes, in line with the recommendations of the National Data Guardian in her Review of Data Security, Consent and Opt-Outs. Patients who do not want their data to be used should be aware that they are responsible for opting out. Find out here how you can opt out online, by phone or in print by post.

The impact (on others) of missing your appointments

DNAs (Did not attend)


You can help us to help you get more convenient appointments.  We are currently experiencing in the region of about 2000 missed appointments each year.  These are 2000 appointments that in the majoriy of cases are then re-booked, in effect doubling the problem.  

We do our best to make the maximum number of appointments available, and while demand exceeds supply as just about every GP practice, patients can help by only booking appointments that are really needed eg a common cold doesn't normally need a GP appointment (please try self help or your local pharmacy first).  Just as important as only booking appointments that are genuinely needed, please do call us early if you are not going to make use of appointments.  If we could have the 2000 appointments back that are missed each year, appointment availability would be so much easier.  Please think about how you can help yourself, your fellow patients and us deliver a better service - thank you. 

Bowel Cancer Screening - Don't miss out.

Are you missing out?   

If bowel cancer is detected at an early stage, before symptoms appear, it's easier to treat and there's a better chance of surviving it.

To detect cases of bowel cancer sooner, the NHS offers two types of bowel cancer screening to adults registered with a GP in England:

  • All men and women aged 60-74 are invited to carry out a faecal occult blood (FOB) test. Every two years, they're sent a home test kit, which is used to collect a stool sample. If you're 75 or over, you can ask for this test by calling the freephone helpline on 0800 707 60 60.

  • An additional one-off test called bowel scope screening is gradually being introduced in England. This is offered to men and women at the age of 55. It involves a doctor or nurse using a thin, flexible instrument to look inside the lower part of the bowel. 

Taking part in bowel cancer screening reduces your chances of dying from bowel cancer, and removing polyps in bowel scope screening can prevent cancer. It's up to you to decide if you want to have it.

Alternatively click here for more information from NHS choices which includes explanations and contact details of the Bowel screening helpline:

Call the bowel screening helpline on 0800 707 60 60

Ordering of repeat prescription.

In order to improve patient safety and help to manage GP workload we need to make some changes to the way repeat prescriptions are ordered and issued.

We need your help to make these changes.

The first change is for important safety reasons and affects how you can order your prescription.  This change will come into effect as from Monday 11 September 2017.  From this date we will no longer be accepting telephone or verbal requests for repeat prescriptions – only online or by written. Please read the information below carefully.

The second change will make your life easier and help to ease the workload of the GP.   We would like all patients on repeat medication to nominate a pharmacy for their prescriptions to be sent to directly.  This is both easier for the GP to process and means that patients will not need to come to the surgery to collect the prescription as it will already be at your nominated pharmacy waiting to be collected.  An additional benefit will be that it helps reduce queuing at reception. 

Please read all the information, complete the attached forms and then hand in to reception to nominate our pharmacy for us to send your prescriptions to directly and to register for online services to order you prescriptions, view your notes and see some test results.

Changes to ordering of repeat prescriptions

Online service application form

Nominated Pharmacy

How to order prescriptions online

Links 2 Advice

Many factors contribute to personal and family well-being and can have a knock on effect to people’s health.  While we are here to provide primary medical care we inevitably become aware of other sources of help that people may find useful.  Regrettably we are not able to signpost patient to every advice, support group or charity on an individual basis; however, there are some places and  organisations that keep up to date to with many, if not most, of these types of organisations.  One particularly good source of information and advice is Lincs 2 advice:

‘Lincs2Advice is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation firmly focused on enabling people in Lincolnshire to be able to access quality support and information when they most need it. Through building a network of members we are able to signpost people to localised specific support.’ 

For more information go to or call 0300 303 8789.

Friends and Family Test

We are participating in the NHS Friends and Family Test.  This is an ongoing survey to find out whether or not, following their latest interaction with the surgery, our patients would recommend us to their friends and family. 

The survey is a simple yes/no answer but with the opportunity to also provide us details of why you would or would not recommend us. Simple questionnaire cards are available at reception and we also have a similar on-line facility available through this website. 

'Named' GPs

As part of the initiative to provide better support to patients the practice now provides a named GP for all of our patients.  The named GP is, where necessary and appropriate, responsible for coordinating a patient's care with other health professionals involved in delivering that patients' care.  Having a named GP at our surgery does not mean that you cannot see any of our of other GPs/health professionals.  Please ask at reception to find out who your usual/named GP is. 

Patient Participation Group

The minutes of the latest PPG meeting are attached here.

Any one wishing to join the PPG will be welcomed - please just ask at reception. 

Neil Hewson

Practice Manager

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