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Boultham Park Medical Practice - COVID Vaccine update 

Dear Patients

As you will know from our previous post, we are working with our colleagues across the Apex Primary Care Network to deliver the national Covid vaccination programme.  It is a good news story so far as we are now doing this at some pace with, at least for the moment, a weekly supply of vaccines being shared between the network practices enabling each to deliver the vaccination programme as per the national headlines.

By the end of last week , this surgery had completed vaccinating the residents and staff of all care homes we look after and by the end of this week (22 Jan),we will additionally have vaccinated  many other local healthcare provider staff and completed the vast majority of our registered patients aged over 80.  We have also started and completed our first batches of home visits for the truly housebound aged over 80yrs, albeit this does take a bit longer.  

Please do not ask for a home visit if you can get out of the house, even if this means getting a taxi etc.  Home visits are very time consuming and we can deliver far more vaccines far more efficiently and quickly if patients can go to vaccination sites - this helps us help more patients more quickly.  Of course, if you are truly housebound and have no other option, we will come out to you in due course.

More good news is that in addition to now just finishing off the small remaining handful of the above groups, we are also now inviting the clinically extremely vulnerable aged 16-79 (those who received shielding letters), and  those aged 70 and over.   There are large numbers in these groups and it will take time (a couple of weeks at least) to complete, but we hope to have made large inroads into these groups by the end of next week (Sat 30 Jan).

It is a very busy time in the surgery at the moment.  Given all the national and media news coverage we understand it must be very frustrating waiting for the vaccine if you or your relatives are in these groups but we do ask again, that you do not contact the surgery to try and book a vaccine.  We do need to be able manage the process carefully and safely to avoid overload  so PLEASE  do wait until WE contact you -  you won’t be forgotten!   We also understand people wish to be bumped up the priority list but please do believe us when we say we won’t forget you and please be patient and let the priority process work, if everyone asks to be moved up the list, it becomes ineffective.

Booking individual appointments is a time consuming process as we need to ask a number of questions.  Please do think in advance about having the vaccine so that our calls can be as efficient as possible.  We will ask if you currently have a fever or if you have been tested Covid positive in the past month;  to be safe you must be 4 weeks clear of testing positive before we can give the vaccine to you.  We will ask if you have ever had an anaphylactic reaction or an adverse reaction to a vaccine in the past that we might not be aware of. 

Perhaps most important of all, is for your contact details to be up to date.  Old telephone or mobile phone numbers mean we cannot easily get in contact with you and this will delay the invitation when it is due.  Please ensure the surgery holds up to date contact details for you .

Finally, as I’m sure you are aware, staff are delivering this vaccination programme on top of the daily routine care and work that they do.  We are all pleased with the progress so far and that patients are reporting finding the process smooth when attending our clinics.  A huge extra effort is being made by everyone involved in delivering this vaccination programme, including many people not seen by patients but who are nonetheless working tirelessly behind the scenes for you;  some of these people are within the surgery but also many are supporting us from afar.  Please be assured that we are all very grateful and appreciative of the kind words and sentiments many patients have expressed in acknowledging this effort.  Thank you. 

We will continue to post periodic updates on how we are progressing, but for now, the plan is on track.

Please stay safe and obey the Covid rules.

Kind regards to all.

Practice Manager

IMPORTANT - if you think you have symptoms of the Coronavirus and have either recently travelled from an affected areas or have been in close contact within someone who has, please SELF ISOLATE yourself as soon as possible and contact the NHS 111 Service.  Please do NOT come to the GP Surgery and do NOT go to the hospital until you have spoken with the NHS 111 Service  whose advice you should listen to and follow carefully.

Advice about Coronavirus is being regularly updated.  Click here for the most latest updates.


All patients aged 50-64 yrs are now eligible for a free seasonal flu vaccination.  Please book your appointment in our clinic on Tue 22 Dec 2020 by (preferably) using our online services or alternatively calling the surgery on 01522 874444.

Patients aged 18-49 in clinical at risk groups can also still book seasonal flu vaccinations.  Please call the surgery to book your appointment in our clinic on Tue 22 Dec 2020 

Information about Coronavirus

A coronavirus is a type of virus. As a group, coronaviruses are common across the world. Typical symptoms of coronavirus include fever and a cough that may progress to a severe pneumonia causing shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

Generally, coronavirus can cause more severe symptoms in people with weakened immune systems, older people, and those with long-term conditions like diabetes, cancer and chronic lung disease.

If you develop symptoms please DO NOT come to the surgery and DO NOT go the hospital (unless you are seriously ill).   Please self isolate yourself and do not leave your home until you been given advice by a clinician. 

Telephone 111 for NHS advice. 

Food Through Adversity

Aged over 65, are you in a high risk group and self isolating?

If so please see the documents opposite.  If you wish to make use of these services please contact Age UK Lincoln on 03455 564144 or visit